Saturday, September 8, 2018

September challenge

This September challenge by Carmen on Instagram is indeed a challenge. First challenge is the asana. One must also find a location and one must take the picture. It's  great if one is able to do the asana, yet it's better to practice an easier version than to injure oneself if the asana is beyond one's capacity. To respect the own limits is demanding, too.

On picture #1 one can see who I fought with this asana. Today I repeated it but wrapped my arm only around one leg. It's still challenging, but safe. No strap was needed. That's the starting point from now on. If this feels good I can go deeper.

Today's pose (picture #2) was only possible with a prop, my wheel. The challenge is about exploring the limits. I feel them almost every day. Some of the asanas I'll integrate in my daily practice. It must feel good to perform an asana.

First lesson learned: Take care. This challenge is about exploring the limits and not performing a perfect asana.

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