Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Stretching requires patience and discipline

No matter if one stretches parts of the back of the body or the front body or the sides in order to see progress one must be patient. To force the body into asanas might lead to injuries. On the other hand one must also feel the stretch. It's sort of discomfort. Even breathing and trusting fades away the discomfort. One might be able to get a tiny bit deeper in a pose.

One must learn to be content about every inch deeper. This can be frustrating sometimes, especially if one is an impatient person. Success doesn't come overnight in yoga.

There are asanas like headstand that can be learned within a few minutes if explained correctly.

Yet stretching follows different laws. The older one is the longer it lasts to see progress.

Hard work and time must flow into the practice.

Somehow it helps if one is in love with the process.

It's possible to learn how to learn if we face difficulties. How can one overcome the obstacles?

Discipline remains a key word. Show up, do the work as best as you can.

This picture was taken in 2009. I practiced in the heat of Mumbai. It took me a decade to take the chin to the floor. There must be faster ways, I always think and I know they exist. One can work smarter. One way is to add more repetition. To hold the poses longer is also crucial. Nevertheless stretching takes time.

Being disciplined and being patience are essential skills.

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