Friday, May 25, 2018

I keep practicing

This morning I was so tired. Suddenly I realized why. I wanted to give up drinking coffee. So this morning I had prepared a cup of tea for myself. It was Earl Grey Tea and I love it. But it didn't wake me up. At 10 am I was in bed again. The telephone woke me up after 20 minutes. I had slept again. I still felt like in trance. Tired. Bad mood. Lame. And I had so many plans for today's yoga practice.

I managed  to go out of the house after the phone call to get batteries. This was an item on my to-do-list. On my way home I stopped at a bakery, ordered a cup of coffee and my fav cake. Mood improved, I felt energy. I was motivated to practice. I bought strawberries for the after yoga snack and headed home.

Yes, I practiced. This quote is so true:You're one practice away from good mood.

Friday is my forward bending day.
These days I work more on the method how to learn a pose than to hurry through one of the Ashtanga yoga series. I take my time and my timer. Some asanas I hold for one minute. Oh, a minute can be so long when I'm in a split pose. I know it's important to relax, to breathe deeply and evenly.
To hold the poses longer than 5 breath can be very useful. 5 breaths is too short to have an impact on a stiff body. That's why I hold some of the challenging poses longer. I always add the splits and hold them for one minute. I see already results. Yet this could be a topic for next blog posts.

Happy relaxed weekend to everybody.

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