Thursday, April 26, 2018

Urdhva dhanurasana


The chin touched the wall. External clues help to get deeper into a pose. I'm glad that I practiced, I'm glad that I could experience 90 intensive minutes on the mat.

Nevertheless my practices don't refresh me. They exhaust me. I need to sleep in the afternoon. My body needs to relax. It seems so. I feel done.


This was my urdhva dhanurasana in 2000. It looks rather wild. My urdhva dhanurasana of 2018 looks more disciplined and more precisely.


Mistakes happen. To keep the legs parallel with a strap is not a good idea. It's much better to put a block between the thighs and to hold it. This makes the legs strong. With a strap around the legs, they move outwards. This is not the intention. 


I'm sure that practicing urdhva dhanurasana was good for my body. The pictures show how slow progress can be.
The pictures also show why I'm so impatient these days. How I practiced made it impossible to progress faster.

In order to progress I recommend myself to hold this asana longer than 5 breaths. 5 breaths is too short. The body won't really stretch within such a short time.
In order to get stronger it makes sense to move into that pose more often. Up and down, up and down 10 times every day, that's what makes strong. And strength is needed. Finally I want to come up from that pose.

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