Wednesday, April 11, 2018

To practice is important

I was out. It was fun. I met nice people. It was an entertaining day that could go on and on.

I decided to leave the party and stepped on my mat. When I realized how weak I became I knew that it was the best decision I could do. I practiced  being attentive and not forcing anything. I practiced  being content. To stay strong and flexible means to practice. One must sweat. One can feel when the muscles get stronger, they burn. One can feel when the body gets deeper and deeper into a pose. If nothing is felt, nothing happens.

One practice further. I like the path. I like seeing results, but I also like how to get there.

Lately I read: Success teaches you nothing. So true. Mistakes, failure are opportunities to learn. For sure.

Today I struggled more with my weakness and my stiffness rather than with my back injury. This is a good sign.

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