Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Back bending

No, I don't begin from point zero again. But sometimes it feels so. Today was my back bending day. I don't rush through the back bending asanas of the second Ashtanga series. I add asanas, I repeat asanas, I use props. Walking down the wall is so helpful. The goal is that the asanas must feel good. I know how this feels. My experience is that the closer the asana comes to the perfect form, the more comfortable and easy it seems to be.

The 90 minutes on the mat practicing back bending were must intensive. Afterwards I was so tired. I took a siesta later and slept, still exhausted from my effort to get deeper and deeper into the asanas.

Most difficult is to alter from back bending to forward bending. I practice usually soft counter poses, but to get from kapotasana to eka pada sirsana seems impossible within one poractice.

Practicing anything also means to work on the mind. Believing that something is possible is a huge step in direction of this goal.

We have summer weather here already. This helps.

Tomorrow primary is on the schedule again. Focus is the vinyasas.

I'm so thankful, that practices are possible again.

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