Sunday, April 22, 2018

90 minutes

I think my back bettered again.

When I practice I experience my lack of strength more than the back pain. Less and less asanas I have to adjust. After my practice I feel rather good. I often forget my back. I'll keep practicing with attention. Pain must be avoided. Also 'easy' asanas are worth doing. I take my time.

It's almost impossible to go from deep back bending asanas to forward bending asanas. I practice modest counter poses. The leg behind head poses are impossible after the back bending asanas. Instead I practice a few soft forward bending asanas from first series.

Today I focused on back bending. I did a lot of preparation exercises. I used the wheel and the wall to support the back bending. The wheel allows passive stretching. The wall offers resistance. Both techniques are supportive.

What really bettered during the last decade of yoga practice is my concentration. I'm able to stay 90 minutes on the mat. I'm able to practice and to focus on the breath without taking breaks.

Patience is required.

Every time when I practice I see the necessity to work on strength.
Every time when I practice I see the necessity to hold the challenging asanas longer than 5 breaths only. Stretching takes time.

Tomorrow I'll practice primary. The focus are the vinyasas: flexibility, strength and technique.

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