Monday, March 5, 2018

I need to warm up to do poses like tittibhasana

Tittibhasana is the third pose of the challenge on Instagram #flylikeayogi. Today I integrated this pose in the first Ashtanga series. It fits in after kurmasana. By then I was flexible enough to stretch my legs.

I work on strength and the vinyasas. Today back pain faded away the longer I practiced. I could jump up and down.

I love the asana practice.
Yet I realize that yoga is so much more for me.

1. It helps me to relax from other issues in my life. When I practice yoga it is as if I choose my favorite issues. I prefer to find out how to get into grasshopper pose than to search a craftsman who can repair doors that don't close anymore.
2. It improves my concentration skills.
3. My discipline muscle gets trained.
4. With each practice this yoga activity becomes an even stronger routine.
5. I take care of my nutrition.

I could go on....

Today I slept 2 hours after my practice. I was like dead. I know this tiredness. I somehow need a lot of sleep after having practiced yoga. This tells me that I have exhausted myself.

Tomorrow I focus on back bending.

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