Tuesday, March 6, 2018


This morning we had to leave the house really early. We were downtown till 2 pm. Being flexible can mean a lot. It's possible to postpone a yoga practice to a later time of the day. At 5 pm I was on my mat. I thought the body must be super flexible at such a late time. The opposite was the case.

After the standing asanas I tried eka pada koundyasana. It's today's pose of the Instagram challenge #flylikeayogi. It was not possible. I was stiff and I would have needed more preparation asanas. I didn't like to sacrifice my back bending for the Instagram challenge. I don't care to be late. I can post my picture tomorrow.

I'm so glad that I didn't omit my practice. Also the difficult ones are important. After an hour I only practiced what felt good. I took it easy. I'm glad that I did urdhva dhanurasana several times. This was it.

Tomorrow I can practice in the morning again. I'll work on strength and forward bending asanas, primary so to say.

Tomorrow I'll have a timer handy. The plan is to hold the difficult asanas for 1 minute.

Picture is taken yesterday. It's parsva bhuja dandasana or grasshopper.

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