Friday, March 2, 2018

A new month, a fresh beginning

In January I practiced 5 times.
In February I practiced 10 times.
I plan to practice minimum 15 times in March.

Today I practiced primary, because it's Friday. I added some asanas to have a more interesting practice. I omitted some vinyasas, because I got so weak.

Kino has started a new 10 days challenge on Instagram and I'm in. It's called #flylikeayogi. Here is my Instagram account for those who like to join the fun.
On Omstars Kino has prepared a practice, duration 1 hour. It prepares for the poses. Her classes are very smart with a perfect didactic. She offers easier and more difficult variations so that everybody has something ot work on. The asanas become more difficult gradually. Strength training, flexibility training and technique are part of the classes.

Today Bakasana is the flight pose. The video will get sent later that day. Yesterday I watched it and practiced later trying to remember the asanas. I think it makes more sense to practice with the PC close to me. It should be doable to follow her instructions while watching the video.

90 minutes asana practice and I feel so much better. This practice can do miracles.

To return to my practice as it used to be 2 years ago is difficult. I work on my attitude. It's possible to improve. I know, that my body is not yet too old.
A few days back I read that an 85 year old man wanted to reach the top of the Himalaya. He passed away on the return. He wanted to be the oldest man who was on top of that mountain. So 85 years and so much ambition. 'I can' is my mantra, too.

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