Sunday, February 4, 2018

Salabhasana A and B

My idea yesterday was to practice second series as usual, till I reach the back bending asanas. If an asana feels weak, I wanted to add exercises. At the end of these exercises I wanted to repeat the classic form. I was curious if the performance would be better.

The first exercises aims at opening the chest. The second exercise supported the legs to come up. Shalabasana strengthens the back. To build muscles is always good. It's surely not my favorite asana, but I think it's a good beginning. It's getting harder from now on. 


The picture at the end allow me to go deeper into the pose. The additional exercises, the repetitions make sense.
Of course there are many many other exercises. I find it helpful to know in advance what exercises one wants to perform. To make decisions during the practice weakens the mind. It's exhausting enough to keep practicing all the asanas.

After the twists 90 minutes were over. My yoga week has started before breakfast.

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