Monday, February 19, 2018

Not amused

This morning I woke up and back pain was back. Has my yoga practice caused it? Perhaps my body position during the night has been awkward? I don't know. I tried to convince myself during the day that all is fine. You're OK, back, I told myself. One hour ago pain disappeared totally. Suddenly it was gone. I tried to feel at least a bit of uneasiness, yet in vain. As it came, it disappeared.

We were so busy today. In the morning was no time for yoga and now it's too late. The body had a day off and a bit more time to recover. Perhaps this was necessary. I know that I'll have time tomorrow.

My yoga is my linchpin. I like to see it that way. My yoga practice is my health insurance. It will keep me strong and flexible. It's an important practice.

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