Sunday, February 18, 2018

A compliment

Today my mother-in-law made me a great compliment. She said that she was astonished how relaxed I was. And she thinks that this came from my yoga practice.

This is one of the goals of yoga. It might be a side effect that comes from daily practice over years probably decades. One day the body is stiff, the next day it's very flexible. It goes on like this year in, year out. After some years one learns to observe the ups and downs without judging. It's as life is. One knows the next day the practice can have new surprises. It makes no sense to generalize. Only because today a practice was great, doesn't mean that the practice tomorrow has to be great as well.

Even though the circumstances are a bit challenging right now, I practiced. I had to practice in a living room without any blocks and other support. For the time being I need my wheel to bend backwards. Yet, I managed it to practice before breakfast. Oh my I was stiff. The 90 minutes on the mat went over so fast.

We'll have lunch in a restaurant today. Will I be strong enough to skip the dessert? I'm not sure.

We're all practitioners at different levels. :)

Also a stiff practice is a worth doing it. I feel good.

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