Thursday, January 11, 2018

It was great

Today I could move into poses in a way which has not been possible for a very long time, almost over a year. Trikonasana was such a pose. I see this as a good sign. Perhaps my pain system has unlearned to produce pain out of fear.

Practicing asanas feels good. The inner organs get a massage. Doing inversions relieves the heart.

Lately I realized again how important it is to develop a 'I can' attitude. It's too easy to say I'm old now, it's too late. Injuries are an excuse, too. The consequences if one gives in to these lazy excuses are awful. Life becomes boring, life aggravates with every year. It can mean to schlepp oneself through decades. One gives up one dream after the other. The less challenged the body and the mind is, the less it's able to do.

A few days back I could even move my legs behind my head.
Today back bending felt excellent.

One must find out what works. This is very individual.

After the back bending asanas I wanted to release my back. Side splits work for me. I sit in front of our shelf to have resistance. When I move the body closer to the shelf the legs move apart from each other. As crazy as it is, this relaxes the back muscles. After this exercise I'm able to stand up absolutely pain free and fresh.

Amazing how good I feel. I feel so optimistic.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'll practice primary.

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