Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Goals 2018

Without doubt, those who write down their goals are more likely to reach them than those who have not written them down. It's not only that it's necessary to write them down in order to be successful, one must know them by heart.
The majority might not have goals at all. They might think that their lives shall not get worse. Why not.

I love to have goals, because they give my life fire, energy, a reason to get out of bed. If you have an interest, you are more likely interesting for other people, too. This again makes life more fun.

I don't want to have the daily meals as the highlights in my life. Point. Not with 59, not with 70, not with 80 and years to come.

To write down goals is the first step. One of the main mistakes here is that one might write down the goals, but that was it. A few months later one cannot remember anymore what the goals were. Can you remember your goals of the beginning of 2017? I can't. As I know me I surely wanted to learn a few asanas and to lose weight. Haha...... but I'm not sure.

More than a decade ago I read a book by Raymond Hull 'How to get what you want'. He recommends to write down the goals daily. Then it's impossible to forget them. To write them down and not to work towards these goals is strange, so it's very likely that one also works on these goals.

There are rules how to formulate them: 
S    smart
M   measurable
A    action oriented /accepted
R   reasonable
T    time bound

A few weeks back I searched an empty journal here. I found a journal in which I had written already. Every page was filled with the same goals. It was the year 2004, the journal ended in 2006. I had reached goal Number 1. This was the only goal that was measurable in that list. Curious enough what it has been? I wanted to pass a test, I wanted to become a senior accountant. It's one of the most difficult tests in Germany and most of the aspirants fail. When I say that only 40% who strive to pass the test, get it, the number is high. Most give up before passing the test. Most accountants who want to pass the test fail several times. It's allowed to repeat it twice. I had to repeat the test and I had to pass the oral examination, too. But I did it.

My method was successful.

The other goals were not precise enough. I wrote: I want to be able to cook delicious vegan meals. How do I know when this goal is reached? A possible answer could be to have a cooking book of my own recipes. 40 recipes might be enough, 10 for each season. But this is the work when writing down goals. How do I know when I've reached it.
What are the steps towards that goal?

Today I have another day alone. Nothing and nobody distracts me. I will think about my goals 2018. It's an important activity. My time is limited on this earth. How do I want to spend it?

The number one goal will be focused on photography.

Yet  goal number 2 is Ashtanga yoga. 

The goal: 
I want to master the vinyasas. 
I want to stand up from urdhva dhanurasana and 
I want to master kapotasana.

The key words.
- vinyasas
- urdhva dhanurasana
- kapotasana
These goals can only be reached when I practice daily. I will work on a method how to learn it. I joined already a Facebook group on core strength training.
Yes, these goals bring me joy and energy. To think of this goal gives my life color.
Every month I want to check the progress.
Professionals check their progress much more often, but once a months is enough for me.

More important than reaching this goal is to practice safely. I want to avoid a setback re my back. Work smarter than harder is also true for Ashtanga yoga.

I'm curious?
Do you have goals re Ashtanga yoga?

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