Friday, September 12, 2008

Microsoft .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers

  • ISBN: 1930919301
  • Author: Kevin McNeish
  • Publisher: Hentzenwerke Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2002-10-01

For those simply curious about what .NET offers, this book provides a strong overview of the .NET framework and the C# and Visual Basic .NET languages and helps developers assess these new technologies through the lens of Visual FoxPro. Included are introductions to .NET, Visual Studio .NET, C#, and Visual Basic .NET. For developers who are ready to learn specifics about how to use .NET in their software development projects, it offers information on best practices to help climb the .NET learning curve and get up and running quickly. This information includes .NET business objectives, building Web applications with ASP.NET, .NET XML, and error handling and debugging in .NET.

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